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We’ve offered residential roof replacement services for over 18 years now. Before replacing your roof, we consider many factors, two of them being the age of your roof’s shingles and underlayments.

commercial roofing services
  • Single Ply Membrane

  • Metal Roof Restoration

  • Membrane Coating

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  • Spray Foam Roof Repair

  • Roofing Membrane Coating System

commercial roofing services

Commercial Roofing

At Kanga Roof, we specialize in commercial roofing repairs and replacement. We provide quality commercial roofing at an affordable rate. We have a wide variety of roofing materials to select from, including, but not limited to:

  • Single ply membrane
  • Metal roof restoration
  • Membrane coating
  • Spray foam roof repair

Our quality commercial roofing materials are durable and long-lasting. We provide quality commercial roofing repairs and replacements for our clients. Our commercial roofing services are tailored towards public schools, shopping centers, industrial buildings, office buildings, historic properties, churches and more.

We provide all the roofing material, equipment and services you need. From start to finish, we’ll handle the construction for your commercial roofing project. We are a proactive roofing company — that means we solve leak problems, provide roof repairs, and roof replacements. We offer fair and accurate assessments of your commercial roof. And on each project, we aim to exceed your expectations. Providing high quality roofing materials for your commercial space is what we do best.

Costly replacement and repair of water damage for your roof is an inconvenience. To solve this problem, we deliver high quality commercial roofing services at a fair cost. We also offer roof restoration services. These restored roofs provide a more durable, higher performing roof for years to come, and they will also pay for themselves over time through energy savings. Our commercial roofing systems are categorized as energy efficient, reliable, sustainable, and lesser heat resistance.

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Roofing Replacement

We’ve offered residential roof replacement services for over 18 years now. Before replacing your roof, we consider many factors, two of them being the age of your roof’s shingles and underlayments.

Another important factor is your roof’s ventilation system. Many homeowners aren’t aware that proper ventilation for your roof plays a large part in your roof’s life expectancy. Not to mention the performance of it. A properly ventilated roof will actually increase your roof’s life expectancy, comfort level, and wear and tear on your heating and cooling units from running overtime while also helping to save cost on your monthly energy bills in the summer and winter.

The most expensive appliance on your home is your roof. It never takes a day off from the day it’s installed. We have the tools, equipment, and know-how to replace many types of roofs while also protecting your landscaping. We use premium roofing materials that are proven to perform for longevity for flat roofs, pitched roofs, sloped roofs, tiled roofs, you name it!

After 18 years there are not too many roof coverings that are unfamiliar to us. We help educate and advise you on the best and most cost-effective roofing system that would fit within your budget. We also carry several different financing options if you want to finance. After your old roof is replaced with a brand new one, we have a fresh set of eyes come out to do a premium craft man’s check to ensure that our replacement team didn’t miss anything and that we did everything we said we would do. Our roof replacements carry a 10-year workmanship and a 50-year materials warranty.

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Additional Services

roofing membrane coating system


Is your EPDM, PVC, TPO or single-ply commercial roof leaking, deteriorating, or discolored? Call Kanga Roof today. We’ll repair your flat roof — saving you from having to pay for an entire replacement. Restoring your flat roof to a roofing membrane coating system is more efficient. This provides cost savings on your energy bills and this type of restoration pays for itself over time.


Restoring a metal roof is a cost efficient way to improve its lifespan. Hiring specialists like Kanga Roof to perform the restoration job will save you time and money. Metal roof restoration is more sustainable. It allows for the reuse of the existing roof. Our high quality metal roof restoration material has a variety of benefits including:

  • Extends roof life
  • Avoids costly maintenance fees
  • Stops rust
  • And more


Our single ply membrane is classified as a flexible sheet of material. This material protects flat and low-sloped buildings. A properly installed single ply membrane offers a unique advantage over traditional materials. It’s much stronger, more durable, more flexible, and also more heat-reflective when using our white membrane. We take the necessary steps to optimize your roofing system’s performance and more.

single ply membrane roof system

SPRAY FOAM Roof Repair

Our SFP roofing system is 100% waterproof and leak resistant on specific roofs. A properly installed SFP roof could last from 10-15 years before it needs a recoating. Have your SFP inspected at least once per year.