Searching for Quality Roofing in Ellicott City MD?

If your roof is leaking, worn out, or just needing routine maintenance, finding an experienced roofer should be a top priority.

But with so many roofing contractors in Ellicott City, it’s tough to identify one you can truly trust.

As a local homeowner, I learned the hard way what happens when you risk hiring the cheapest bid or a roofer lacking credentials.

My Story: How Hiring the Wrong Roofer Turned Into A Complete Nightmare

A few years ago when our aging roof started showing concerning wear, I searched for the best value roofer in Ellicott City, MD.

A company of which I don’t want to mention had some positive online reviews and quoted me the lowest rate. They seemed knowledgeable enough and provided some shingle options. Overall I felt good choosing them.

But that initial positive impression quickly soured…

The 5 Nightmares I Faced from an Unqualified Roofer

Within months, the company in question gave us terrible workmanship and cheap materials resulted in a string of headaches including:

  1. Constant leaks whenever it rained moderately or harder
  2. Massive gaps visible between shingles all over
  3. Pools of standing water after storms
  4. Entire sections of shingles flying off in moderate winds
  5. Major moisture damage inside from water infiltration

Why I Now Highly Recommend Kangaroof for Ellicott City Roofing

After dealing with utter disaster from my initial roofer, a trusted neighbor told me about A1 Roofing’s Kangaroof.

I’m so grateful I called them for an estimate! Their knowledge and professionalism stood light years ahead of Stevens.

Not only did Kangaroof properly fix the poorly installed roof, they completed a beautiful full replacement job that still looks pristine.

The positive experience completely transformed my standards about roofer capabilities!

5 Key Reasons Kangaroof is Ellicott City’s Most Reputable Roofer

Here are 5 top reasons I enthusiastically vouch for Kangaroof as a leading roofer in Ellicott City, MD:

  1. Veteran expertise across all roofing systems
  2. Use only top quality materials
  3. Perform very detailed roof inspections
  4. Very good roofing craftspeople.
  5. White glove customer service for life after the job

I appreciate that Kangaroof takes immense pride in quality workmanship.

Their project managers remain in close communication throughout any roofing project to answer questions and put customers at ease.

After inspecting your roof, they prepare a report clearly outlining available solutions based on your exact needs and budget – whether roof repair or full replacement.

Mike’s Story: “Kangaroof Rescued Our Family After Dealing With a Terrible Roofer”

I recently heard from another Ellicott City homeowner named Mike who says Kangaroof saved him after being exploited by a deceitful roofer…

“We hired a big corporate outfit to replace our 25 year old roof after they promised a bargain. But the unrealistic lowball estimate should have been my first warning sign…”

“Within two years, that ‘budget roof’ was falling apart with warped shingles, massive gaps letting in water, and leaks everywhere…”

“Kangaroof came to the rescue. Unlike the previous company that rushed through while cutting corners everywhere, you could tell their crew took great pride in the quality of their roof installations.”

Sarah’s Story: “Don’t Fall Victim to High Pressure Sales Tactics from Pushy Roofers”

Sarah, another local homeowner, shared a troubling story after an unscrupulous roofer used manipulation tactics…

“When a heavy wind storm damaged several shingles on our 22-year old roof, we knew repairs were needed soon. But we wanted to thoughtfully shop around first…”

“That week a guy named Bill knocked on our door claiming to be working on a neighbor’s roof. He said he wanted to take a quick look at our situation.”

“Bill seemed polite and knowledgeable at first during his inspection. But his tone quickly shifted pushy, declaring entire roof replacement was an absolute emergency that would cost us dearly if we didn’t act fast.”

“Although we were already planning to replace the roof soon, alarm bells went off when he used high pressure tactics insisting we sign a contract immediately for full tear off starting tomorrow at 50% above our budget.”

“I later learned from Kangaroof that while our roof did need replacing, we still had at least a few good months before it became critical. Thank goodness I didn’t let slick sales guy Bill coerce me into a panic decision that would have cost thousands extra!”

What Sets This Roofer Apart

Here is what sets Kangaroof apart as a roofing contractor:

  • Fully licensed, and insured
  • Great online reviews
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating

We stand behind every roofing project 100% because your satisfaction means everything!

5 Crucial Questions To Ask Before Hiring Any Roofer

As you evaluate potential roofers to hire, Kangaroof’s experts suggest asking these key questions:

How long have you served Ellicott City area homeowners?

Look for an established track record specifically in your local area. This suggests stability with regional weather/codes impacting roofs.

Can you provide referrals from recent Ellicott City clients?

Reputable companies should provide references from recent customers in your city who can vouch for their work.  Because of technology you can look at google reviews and BBB rating’s on line to take the place of references.

What specific manufacturer warranties do you offer?

Leading shingle makers offer 25-50 year material coverage. Top roofers provide 10-20 year craftsmanship warranties covering defects in workmanship if issues arise.

What payment plans or financing options are available?

If budget is tight, options like payment schedules or financing agreements allow you to complete jobs then pay gradually with favorable terms.

What You Can Expect Partnering With This Roofer

From inspection through project completion, Kangaroof keeps communication clear so you know what to anticipate:

Highly Thorough Roof Inspection

Their certified inspectors methodically examine all aspects of your roof using best practices to accurately gauge condition, identify any issues, and determine best remedy approach.

A Straightforward Summary Report

You receive a written inspection report presenting easy-to-understand terminology outlining your roof’s condition along with repair recommendations and budget-friendly resolution options.

Consultation To Decide Your Best Course of Action

During a follow up call, Kangaroof’s project manager will discuss report findings in depth, answering all questions, and customize optimal solutions that meet your goals and budget.

Precise Construction Process

For roof replacements, the coordinated crew arrives promptly  to efficiently complete high quality tear off and installation work with minimal disruption before thorough cleanup and inspection.

6 Roofer Red Flags Homeowners Must Watch Out For

As you evaluate roofing contractors, beware outfits displaying these too-common warning signs:

  • Unable to provide physical business address, license/insurance paperwork
  • Vague about brands or materials included in project scope
  • No options presented based on inspection findings
  • Unable to provide multiple recent customer referrals
  • Not registered or poor standing with Better Business Bureau

Reputable local firms like Kangaroof readily provide documentation upfront for peace of mind!

Kangaroof: Ellicott City’s Trusted Roofer for Over 20 Years

Kangaroof has proudly served homeowners in Ellicott City and surrounding areas for over 20 years. We are locally owned and operated, licensed and insured.

Our qualified team has years of experience inspecting and replacing roofs of every type. We offer the highest quality materials and workmanship behind our projects.

Home is likely your most valuable investment. Protecting your property with a reliable, durable roof is essential for safeguarding your family against the elements.

Contact Kangaroof today at (410) 799-1600 for superior roofing services you can count on!

Recent Reviews Praising Kangaroof’s Roofing

Don’t just take our word that Kangaroof is a leading roofer in Ellicott City. See what actual homeowners had to say recently about their experience:

“Kangaroof’s roof installation team did an outstanding job replacing my worn-out roof. The project manager was on site each day checking progress and they finished faster than expected. Polite crew, minimal disruption to property, and they did an excellent job cleaning up after. My new roof looks fantastic. I would recommend them to all my neighbors!” – Gary D. in Ellicott City

“We hired Kangaroof to fix some storm damage and identify why leaks kept appearing. Their inspection was incredibly thorough pointing out issues we never realized like compromised attic ventilation. Beyond just repairs, they took time explaining different solutions so we felt empowered to make the right long term investments into our home. We so appreciate a local company willing to educate homeowners on how to protect their property.” – Juan B. in Catonsville

“I’ve used Kangaroof for roof maintenance and repairs over 7 years. During heavy winds this season, they discovered and fixed a problem area before damage even spread. Their proactive approach and willingness to go above and beyond has given us real peace of mind. We don’t worry anymore when severe weather hits because we know Kangaroof has our back.” Marissa G. in Elkridge

How To Maintain Your Roof In Ellicott City

While repairs or replacement may eventually become necessary, you can maximize your roof’s lifespan through regular seasonal maintenance.

Here are 5 maintenance tips from Kangaroof:

Clear Out Debris

Buildup of leaves, branches and other debris can lead to decay or moisture issues. Carefully remove accumulated debris from your roof and gutters.

Trim Back Overgrown Trees

Nearby trees that are touching or hanging over your home can deposit extra debris on the roof. Have them professionally trimmed back.

Reseal Vulnerable Joints

Over time, the sealant around roof joints, such as flashing, pipes, vents etc. can begin to crack or shrink. Reapply quality sealant/caulk around vulnerabilities to prevent leaks.

Repair Known Issues Promptly

Don’t ignore any leaks, missing shingles, or other known roofing issues no matter how minor they seem initially. Fix them right away before extensive damage arises.

Rinse Off Grime Buildup

Use a regular garden hose to rinse your roof’s surface of streaking dirt or mold accumulation to maintain appearance and roof health.

Contact the roofing professionals at Kangaroof for an annual maintenance checkup or help addressing anything amiss!

How Do I Know It’s Time For a New Roof in Ellicott City?

If your existing roof is over 20 years old, it may be nearing the end of its functional lifespan depending on wear:

  • Appearance of significant curling, thinning and brittle shingles
  • Seeing bare underlayment exposed as granule surface erodes
  • Noting sections of roof deck visible when shingles become displaced
  • Leaking present across large areas of the roof plane or field
  • Dark moisture staining around vents, seams or bottom edges

Don’t chance getting caught off guard if your dated roof fails. Call Kangaroof for an expert assessment on condition and whether replacement makes sense.

What Factors Impact the Cost of a New Roof in Ellicott City?

Key elements that determine the investment for a new roof include:

  • Total square footage needing roof tear off and replacement
  • Accessibility factors like roof pitch, number of levels, ease of material delivery
  • Type of replacement material selected – asphalt shingle, metal, slate etc.
  • Extent of repairs needed to underlayment, framing or other uncovered structural elements
  • Additional venting requirements, skylight upgrades etc
  • Removal expenses to haul away old roof components and proper disposal fees
  • Building permits required by county plus associated fees

During a free inspection, Kangaroof provides a detailed quote presenting all project costs clearly for your consideration. Don’t get pressured into hidden charges – we give transparent estimates upfront!