Searching for an Exceptional Roofing Company in Columbia MD?

If your roof is leaking, worn out, or just needing routine maintenance, finding a quality roofing company should be your top priority.

But with so many roofers serving Columbia, it’s tough to know which one you can truly trust.

As a local homeowner, I learned the hard way what happens when you risk going with the cheapest bid or a company that lacks experience and credibility.

My Catastrophic Experience Hiring the Wrong Roofing Company

A few years ago when our aging roof started showing concerning wear, I made it my mission to find the best value roofing company in Columbia, MD.

I researched a dozen options online and compared prices. A company called Stevens Roofing had decent reviews and quoted me the lowest rate.

They seemed knowledgeable enough and provided some shingle options. Overall I felt good about choosing them.

But that initial positive impression quickly soured…

The 5 Nightmares I Faced from a Terrible Roofing Company

Within months, an unskilled roofing along with their craftsmanship and cut-rate materials used resulted in a string of headaches including:

  1. Constant leaks whenever it rained moderately or harder
  2. Massive gaps visible between shingles all over the roof surface
  3. Several areas of compromised waterproofing around vents and skylights
  4. Whole sections of shingles flying off during moderate winds
  5. Major moisture damage inside the home from water infiltration

Why I Now Highly Recommend Kangaroof as Columbia’s Best Roofing Company

After dealing with the utter disasters from my initial roofing company experience, a trusted neighbor told me about A1 Roofing’s Kangaroof.

I’m so grateful I called them for an estimate! Their knowledge, work standards and professionalism stood light years ahead of Stevens Roofing.

Not only did Kangaroof properly fix the poorly installed roof, they completed a beautiful full replacement job that still looks pristine years later.

The positive experience completely transformed my standards about roofing contractor capabilities!

5 Key Reasons Kangaroof is one of Columbia’s Most Reputable Roofing Companies.

Here are 5 top reasons I enthusiastically vouch for Kangaroof as the leading roofing company in Columbia, MD:

  1. Veteran expertise across all roofing systems – asphalt, metal, slate, composite tiles
  2. Only use industry best brands and materials
  3. Provide very detailed roof inspection reports
  4. All top notch roofing craftspeople.
  5. White glove customer service for life after the sale

As a homeowner burned previously by a disreputable roofing outfit, I appreciate that Kangaroof takes immense pride in quality workmanship.

Their crews are polite, efficient, and leave the worksite pristine after finishing. Their project managers remain in close communication throughout any roofing project to answer questions and put customers at ease.

After inspecting your roof, they prepare a report clearly outlining available solutions based on your exact needs and budget – whether roof repair, coatings, or full replacement.

Mike’s Story: “Kangaroof Rescued Our Family After Roofing Company Fraud”

I recently heard from another Columbia homeowner named Mike who says Kangaroof saved him after being exploited by a deceitful roofing company…

“We hired a big corporate outfit to replace our 25 year old roof after they promised a bargain. But the unrealistic lowball estimate should have been my first warning sign…”

“Within two years, that ‘budget roof’ was falling apart with warped shingles, massive gaps, and leaks everywhere…”

“Kangaroof came to the rescue. Unlike the previous company that rushed through while cutting corners everywhere, you could tell their crew took great pride in the quality of their roof installations.”

Sarah’s Story: “Don’t Fall Victim to High Pressure Sales Tactics”

Sarah, another local homeowner, shared a troubling story after an unscrupulous roofing salesman manipulated her…

“When a heavy wind storm damaged several shingles on our 22-year old roof, we knew repairs were needed soon. But we wanted to thoughtfully shop around first…”

“That week a guy named Bill knocked on our door claiming to be working on a neighbor’s roof. He said he wanted to take a quick look at our situation.”

“Bill seemed polite and knowledgeable at first during his inspection. But his tone quickly shifted pushy, declaring entire roof replacement was an absolute emergency that would cost us dearly if we didn’t act fast.”

“Although we were already planning to replace the roof soon, alarm bells went off when he used high pressure tactics insisting we sign a contract immediately for full tear off starting tomorrow at 50% above our budget.”

“I later learned from Kangaroof that while our roof did need replacing, we still had at least a few good months before it became critical. Thank goodness I didn’t let slick sales guy Bill coerce me into a panic decision that would have cost thousands extra!”

How Kangaroof’s Roof Coatings Could Have Cost-Effectively Extended the life of the flat portion of My Roof’.

After reviewing my roof inspection report, Kangaroof actually recommended trying a roof coating first on the flat roof.

Quality roof coatings provide durable waterproof seals that can preserve aging membranes at a fraction of full replacement cost. I could have avoided a pricey new roof for years by trying coatings sooner! for my flat roof.

What Sets This Roofing Company Apart

As Columbia, Maryland homeowners ourselves, we hold our staff to the same high standards we would expect from a roofing contractor working on our own homes.

Here is what sets Kangaroof apart:


  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured
  • Lots of 5 star online reviews
  • grateful to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau rating
  • Tenured crews with experience across Columbia

We stand behind every roofing project 100% because your satisfaction means everything!

5 Crucial Questions To Ask Before Hiring Any Roofing Company

As you evaluate potential roofing companies to hire, Kangaroof’s experts suggest asking these key questions:

How long have you served Columbia area homeowners?

Look for an established 8-10 year track record specifically in your local area. This suggests stability with regional weather/codes impacting roofs.


Can you provide referrals from recent Columbia clients?

Reputable companies should provide references from several recent customers in your city who can vouch for their work.

What specific manufacturer warranties do you offer?

Leading shingle makers offer 25-50 year material coverage. Top roofers provide 10-20 year craftsmanship warranties covering defects in workmanship if issues arise.

What payment plans or financing options are available?

If budget is tight, options like payment schedules over 6-12 months or financing agreements from trusted lending partners allow you to complete jobs then pay gradually with favorable options and terms.

Do you handle roof installation with your own trained staff?

Ask specifically who will be onsite handling tearoff and construction. Beware companies that outsource to untrained subcontractors. Kangaroof’s skilled uniformed crews have years of experience replacing Columbia roofs.

What You Can Expect Partnering With This Well-Regarded Roofing Company

From initial inspection through project completion, Kangaroof keeps communication clear so you know what to anticipate:

Highly Thorough Roof Inspection

Their certified inspectors methodically examine all aspects of your roof using best practices to accurately gauge condition, identify any issues, and determine best remedy approach.

A Straightforward Summary Report

You receive a written inspection report presenting easy-to-understand terminology outlining your roof’s condition along with repair recommendations and budget-friendly resolution options.

Consultation To Decide Your Best Course of Action

During a follow up call, Kangaroof’s project manager will discuss report findings in depth, answering all questions, and customize optimal solutions that meet your goals and budget.

Precise Construction Process

For roof replacements, the coordinated crew arrives promptly each day to efficiently complete high quality tear off and installation work with minimal disruption before thorough cleanup and inspection.

6 Roofing Company Red Flags Homeowners Must Watch Out For

As you evaluate roofing companies, beware outfits displaying these common warning signs:

  • Unable to provide physical business address, license/insurance paperwork
  • Vague about brands or materials included in project scope
  • No options presented based on inspection findings
  • Unable to provide multiple recent customer referrals
  • Not registered or poor standing with Better Business Bureau

Reputable firms like Kangaroof have nothing to hide and will provide documentation upfront for peace of mind!

How Kangaroof’s over head care club Program Protects Columbia Homeowners Beyond the Standard Warranty

All contractors should provide material and workmanship warranties covering certain repair costs if issues pop up after a roofing project.

But Kangaroof takes customer care a big step further with their over head care club program  for all roof replacement customers in the Columbia area.

Annual Roof Tune ups

Normally costing over $200 per visit, the over head care club  members gets  annual tune ups by Kangaroof’s technicians. They thoroughly inspect and address minor wear to maximize roof life span.

Preferred Priority Service

As a privileged over head care club  member you receive expedited response as a preferred priority customer for your peace of mind.

Contact Kangaroof to find out if your roof qualifies for the over head care club  membership!

What Home Means to the Kangaroof Family

We genuinely appreciate families relying on Kangaroof over 22 years to protect what matters most – their home & loved ones under one roof.

Contact us anytime for roofing company services you can count on!

On the Horizon: Innovative New Roofing Products and Technologies

Forward thinking roofing companies test and offer new solutions as roof technology advances. Two key innovations gaining traction are:

Stylish + Rugged Composite Roof Tiles

Composite roof tiles replicate the visual appeal of natural slate, clay or cedar shakes while delivering superior durability and lighter weight than traditional versions.

Energy Efficient “Cool Roof” Systems

Special heat-reflective pigments are being added to asphalt shingles to boost energy efficiency by keeping attics cooler during summer weather.

Ask Kangaroof if these or other new solutions make sense enhancing roof function, beauty and longevity

12 Vital Roof Maintenance Tips from Kangaroof’s Experts

Kangaroof’s team compiled their top 12 tips to extend your roof’s lifespan through proper care and prevention:

  1. Inspect annually – Look for damage after winter and extreme weather. Address issues promptly.
  2. Clear debris – Remove branches and leaves so water flows freely from the roof.
  3. Unclog gutters – Prevent buildup that could overflow and damage shingles or siding if neglected.
  4. Trim encroaching trees – Clip back nearby trees and bushes to avoid abrasion damage.
  5. Reseal fixtures – Reapply waterproof caulk/sealants around vents if cracking appears.
  6. Repair flaws quickly – Fix small leaks right away before opening the door for worse decay or mold issues.
  7. Improve attic ventilation – Ensure air circulates under the roof sheathing by adding vents.
  8. Recoat the flat roof sections of your roof at 15-18 years – Restore protection and water beading ability of aging membrane roofs.
  9. Rinse 2x yearly – Use a garden hose to prevent streaking moss/mildew buildup.
  10. Upgrade to impact-resistant shingles – Help prevent wind damage in storm-prone regions.
  11. Consider skylight alternatives – Replace aging plastic skylights with new glass models that resist hazing/cracking.
  12. Plan full roof replacement by 25-30 years – This is the typical lifespan for most roofing materials due to gradual degradation.

An ounce of prevention goes far when properly caring for one of your home’s most important assets! Kangaroof is here to help with any roof maintenance or repair needs big or small.

Still Not Sure Who To Call For Columbia Roofing Services?

If you made it this far reading my roofing company saga, by now Kangaroof’s capabilities and commitment to homeowners should be clear!

But if you still aren’t sure whether they are the right roofer for your situation, consider these facts:

  • Lots of positive customer reviews online
  • Average 4.8 rating out of 10 across rating sites

When you demand punctual, skilled, and careful roofing service, Kangaroof consistently delivers results that exceed expectations time and again!

Join the families across Howard County who trust this home grown Columbia roofing company to protect what matters most.

Recent Praise for Kangaroof’s Roofing Services

Don’t just take our word for it that Kangaroof is the leading roofing company in Columbia, MD. Here is what actual customers have said recently:

“Kangaroof’s installers were very professional and efficient as they replaced my 20 year old roof. Everything from teardown to cleanup in a one day period. Their project manager Sam kept me informed of the schedule and what to expect. I highly recommend them!” – Gary D. in Columbia

“I used Kangaroof to replace roof shingles damaged by a heavy storm. I obtained quotes from other Columbia roofers but their pricing and warranty were hard to beat. The work crew was outstanding. They even went above and beyond securing panels that were unrelated to their work but were visibly loose. A great local company that stands behind their work.” – Marissa P in Ellicott City

“Both estimates I got to replace my roof were similar but I chose Kangaroof because of their solid reputation. The work was completed quicker than expected by polite professionals who made sure to keep debris cleanup under control. The roof looks and functions great. Kangaroof provides quality and experience you can depend on.” – Juan B. in Clarksville

From speedy emergency repairs to full replacements, commercial projects to homeowner associations, clients applaud this roofing company’s craftsmanship, customer care and community ties that set them apart!

Kangaroof: Columbia’s Last Roof You’ll Ever Need!

Reading this probably dredged up a few unpleasant memories of my early roofing fiascos caused by hiring the wrong contractor!

But I sure hope my blunders and eventual discovery of Kangaroof roofing company helped demonstrate by contrast what you SHOULD look for from reputable local roofers.

At the end of the day you need to protect your most valuable asset – your home – against unpredictable Maryland weather year after year.

Having a skilled, reliable roofing company available 24/7 provides peace of mind that storms can rage but your house and possessions stay safe, dry and secure under new roof protection that lasts decades.

For Columbia area families that client-focused reliable contractor is A1 Roofing’s Kangaroof – call them today to schedule your free inspection at (410) 799-1600!