If your roof is leaking, worn out, or just needing routine maintenance, finding a quality roof company should be your top priority.

But with so many roofing contractors in Columbia, it’s tough to know which one to trust.

As a local homeowner, I learned the hard way what happens when you risk going with the cheapest bid or a company that lacks experience.

How My Hunt for a Roof Company Turned Into a Nightmare

A few years ago when our roof started showing some wear, I made it my mission to find the best value roof company in Columbia, MD.

I researched a dozen options online and compared prices. A small company called Stevens Roofing had solid reviews and gave me the lowest bid.

They seemed knowledgeable and provided a nice list of shingle options. I felt good about the decision to go with them.

But that rosy first impression didn’t last long…

The 5 Nightmares I Endured from Hiring the Wrong Roof Company

Within months, Stevens Roofing’s shoddy craftsmanship and cut-rate materials resulted in nightmare problems:

  1. Roof leaked almost immediately after the first heavy rain
  2. Multiple areas of improper overlap and huge gaps left between shingles
  3. Entire sections of shingles flying off during moderate winds
  4. Stains running down exterior walls from water infiltrating under new shingles
  5. Stevens refusing to cover full costs of re-doing the botched roof job

Why I Highly Recommend Kangaroof as Columbia’s Top Roof Company

After dealing with the headaches from my roof fiasco, a neighbor told me about A1 Roofing’s Kangaroof.

I’m so glad I called them for an estimate! Their knowledge and professionalism was on a whole different level from Stevens Roofing.

Kangaroof fixed the sloppy roof work and did full replacement properly. The finished product looks and performs flawlessly!


Kangaroof’s 5 Star Service: Why They’re Columbia’s Favorite Roof Company

Here are 5 key reasons I recommend Kangaroof as the top roofing contractor in Columbia, MD:

  1. Extensive experience with all roof types – asphalt, metal, tile, slate
  2. Use only industry leading brands and materials
  3. Provide detailed inspection reports and transparency on options
  4. True roofing craftsmen and women on staff
  5. Exceptional warranty and customer service even years later

As a homeowner burned previously by a shoddy roof company, I appreciate that Kangaroof takes pride in quality workmanship.

Their crews are polite, efficient and clean up thoroughly after finishing the job. Their project managers keep close touch throughout roof construction to answer any questions.

After inspecting your roof, they prepare a report on the condition of your roof and outline available solutions based on your budget – whether roof repair, coatings, or full replacement.

Mike’s Story: “Kangaroof Saved Me From a Crumbling Roof Nightmare”

I recently heard from another Columbia homeowner named Mike who says Kangaroof rescued his family after botched work from another company…

“We hired a big box company to replace our 25 year old roof after they promised a great deal. But the lowball estimate should have been my first red flag…”

“Within two years, that ‘bargain roof’ was falling apart with curling shingles, gaps, and leaks everywhere…”

“Kangaroof came to the rescue. Unlike the previous company that rushed the job, you could tell their crew took great pride in the quality of their roof installations.”

“Now we have total peace of mind that our roof will hold up for 30+ years just like Kangaroof guarantees.”

Sarah’s Story: “Don’t Let High Pressure Sales Tactics Sway You”

Sarah, another local homeowner, shared a cautionary tale after a pushy roof salesman took advantage of her…

“When a heavy wind storm blew several shingles off our 22-year old roof, we knew repairs were needed soon. But we wanted to shop around first…”

“That week a guy named Bill knocked on our door claiming to be in the neighborhood on another job. He said he wanted to take a quick look at our roof.”

“Bill seemed polite and knowledgeable at first as he inspected. But his tone quickly got pushy declaring our entire roof was urgent to replace.”

“Although we were planning to replace the roof soon anyhow, alarm bells went off when he used high pressure tactics insisting we sign a contract that night for roof tear off starting tomorrow at 50% higher than we budgeted.”

“I learned later from Kangaroof that while our roof did need replacing, we still had at least a few months before it became an emergency. Thank goodness I didn’t let slick sales guy Bill bully me into an impulse decision that would have cost thousands extra!”

How Kangaroof’s Roof Coatings Could Have Saved Me From Full Replacement on our flat roof.

After reviewing my roof inspection report, Kangaroof actually recommended trying a roof coating on the flat portion of our roof first to extend life 3-7 years before needing tear off.

Roof coatings provide waterproof seals for flat roofs that reinforce aging membranes at a fraction of replacement cost. I could have avoided a costly new roof for years by trying coatings sooner!

What To Expect Working with Columbia’s Top Roof Company

From inspection to completion, Kangaroof keeps communication clear so you know what to expect:

Comprehensive Roof Inspection

Their certified inspectors examine all aspects of your roof using best practices to gauge condition, identify issues, and determine best fix approach.

A Simple Summary Report

You receive a written inspection report in simple terms outlining roof condition, repair recommendations, and budget-friendly options to resolve any problems.

Consultation To Decide Your Best Course

During a follow up call, Kangaroof’s project manager will discuss report findings and customize solutions that meet your budget.

Precision Construction Process

For roof replacements, the coordinated team arrives on time each day to complete tear off and installation work efficiently with minimal disruption before thorough cleanup.

Throughout the process expect regular check-ins on progress and to address any questions or needs!

Roof Company Warning Signs to Avoid

When evaluating roof companies, beware of these red flags:

  • No physical business address/not listed
  • Unable to produce current licenses & insurance paperwork
  • Vague about roof brands/materials included
  • No options for customized solutions based on inspection findings
  • Lack established reviews or complaints of unfinished work

Reliable roof companies like Kangaroof invite you to visit their office anytime. They have nothing to hide!

5 Vital Questions to Ask Roof Company Finalists

As you evaluate potential roof companies to hire, Kangaroof’s experts suggest asking these key questions:

How long have you been in business locally?

Look for an established track record of at least 8-10 years serving your area. This suggests stability and familiarity with regional weather impacting roofs.

Will you provide referrals from recent local clients?

Reputable companies should connect you with several recent customers in your city who can vouch for their quality workmanship.

Do you offer any roof system warranties?

Top roofing manufacturers provide material coverage between 25-50 years. Best roofers offer 10-20 year craftsmanship warranties covering leaks, repairs or replacements if issues arise with installation.

What payment plans or financing options are available?

If money is tight, options like payment schedules over 6-12 months or financing agreements through trusted lenders allow you to pay gradually with favorable terms and no prepayment penalties.

Will you be doing the roof installation work yourselves?

Ask who will be onsite handling tear off and construction. Beware companies that outsource to untrained subcontractors. Kangaroof’s own skilled teams have years handling Columbia roofs.

Kangaroof’s Quick Roof Repair & Install Process

Despite tackling dozens of roof projects annually across the region, Kangaroof makes each customer feel like a top priority:

Schedule a Convenient Time

Juggling home and work commitments? Kangaroof builds each customized roof plan around your unique schedule needs.

Inspect & Analyze Your Situation

Their certified inspector will methodically examine every inch including attic, taking measurements, photos and notes to inform repair recommendations.

Review A Tailored Proposal

You’ll receive a detailed quote outlining exactly what they’ll do step-by-step along with product and installation costs for your review and project planning.

Coordinate Preparation Logistics

After signing an agreement, a project lead will call to discuss expectations, access requirements, protection of home contents, parking considerations, material delivery schedule and any other preparatory needs.

Efficient Repair or Replacement Process

Experienced crews arrive on time daily to work diligently from initial tear off through debris cleanup. The project manager checks on progress ensure you’re satisfied!

Provide Ongoing Maintenance Tips

Kangaroof wants your roof to last decades, so they educate you on aspects like cleaning gutters properly, trimming overhanging branches and when to schedule checkups.

Looking Ahead: New Roof Installation Trends

Forward thinking roof companies test and offer new solutions as roofing technology advances. Two key innovations gaining traction are:

Stylish + Rugged Composite Tiles

Composite roof tiles replicate the visual appeal of clay, slate or cedar shakes while delivering added durability and lighter weight than traditional versions.

“Cool Roof” Systems

Special heat-reflective pigments are being added to shingles to boost energy efficiency by keeping attics cooler during summer weather.

Ask Kangaroof if these or other new solutions make sense for enhancing roof function and beauty longer term!

Don’t Gamble with Just Any Roof Company in Columbia

I learned the hard way that vetting contractors thoroughly pays off when hiring roof companies to protect your biggest investment!

Hopefully my painful lesson and roofing renewal journey helps you avoid similar frustration.

For a roof company that Columbia homeowners can trust, look no further than A1 Roofing’s Kangaroof. Reach them anytime at (410) 799-1600 for honest, world class service!

10 Key Roof Maintenance Tips from Kangaroof

Kangaroof’s team compiled their top 10 tips to extend your roof’s lifespan through proper care:

  1. Inspect annually – Look for damage after winter and extreme weather. Catch problems early.
  2. Clear debris – Remove branches and leaves so water flows freely from roof.
  3. Unclog gutters – Prevent accumulation that spills onto shingles and eaves if neglected.
  4. Trim overhangs – Clip back nearby trees and bushes to avoid abrasion.
  5. Reseal vents – Reapply waterproof caulk/sealants around fixtures if cracking appears.
  6. Patch flaws – Fix small leaks immediately before opening the door for worse decay issues.
  7. Improve ventilation – Ensure air circulates under roof decking to avoid trapped moisture & heat.
  8. Recoat flat portions of the roof at 15 years – Restore protection and water beading ability of flat membrane roofs.
  9. Rinse 2x yearly – Use a garden hose to wash streaking moss/mildew accumulation.
  10. Plan full roof replacement by 25-30 years – Lifespans average 20-25 years as materials degrade.

An ounce of prevention goes far when caring properly for one of your home’s most important assets! Kangaroof is here to help with any roof maintenance or repair needs big or small.

Call (410) 799-1600 or contact kangaroof.com to schedule inspections, repairs or get sound advice for maximizing the longevity your roof provides.