Got ugly roof stains? 

Kanga Roof will help make your roof look like-new — and help you save money on your energy bills.

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Instantly improve your home's curb appeal

Have you thought about cleaning your roof before a costly re-roofing project? If your roof is stained due to algae, lichen, moss, a professional clean provides you with a less costly alternative. Our low-pressure equipment will help remove those ugly stains for good. By the time we're done, you'll feel proud about how your home looks every time you look at it — with a crystal-clean roof.

A stained roof does more than just make your home look ugly — it actually increases your energy bills. Stained shingles absorb heat. This heats up your attic far more than it should be. Now, insurance companies are making sure that homeowners have their roof cleaned by a professional. Keep your roof stained for too long, and it can lead to expensive problems like home leaks. We help prevent these problems by treating the root of the problem during each clean.

If your roof is clean, it's healthy. At Kanga Roof, we'll help maintain the health of your shingles. With low-pressure equipment and eco-friendly soaps, we use absolutely no bleach. We're the best choice to bring life back to your roof. Tap on one of the buttons below and tell us about your roof cleaning needs:

Why Roof Shampoo?

Save money on your energy bills. Stained roofs put a strain on your home's cooling system. This drives up your energy bills. When you hire us to clean your roof, this will take the weight off your cooling system — providing you with a more energy-efficient system that puts more money back in your pocket. It's an investment that pays for itself over time.

Eco-friendly cleaning that won't damage anything around your home. Unlike other solutions, the Roof Shampoo® system does not contain chlorine or bleach. Our methods are safe, effective, and non-toxic. Our equipment provides a gentle clean with a soft-water rinse — and NO scrubbing or brushing that puts your roof at risk for damage.

Restore your home's curb appeal. Everyone wants to feel proud of their home. Your roof is one of the first things you and your neighbors see. After we clean your roof, your entire home will look much more inviting. You'll enjoy pulling up to your home every time with a spotless, algae, lichen, and moss-free roof.

Don't let your roof's stains bring down your home's appearance — tap on one of the buttons below to schedule your Roof Shampoo® today

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"I really appreciate the great job that Kanga Roof did on our home! From quote to completion, it was smooth and relaxed. Sam, who managed the job, was always keeping me in the loop and available to answer questions anytime. The roofing crew was incredibly polite and professional, and also the quietest crew I have ever heard."
Jay G, Baltimore MD via Google
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Why Homeowners Trust Kanga Roof To Clean Their Roofs

With over 18 years of experience, we know roofs. Whether it's repairing them or cleaning them, we have the expertise to handle all of your roofing challenges. We go beyond just cleaning your roof — we provide you with a level of service that is custom for you, your home, and your unique roofing.

Our customers rave about how we pay attention to detail, are more hands-on, and provide a more personal service. This is critical for a roof cleaning service. Our expertise gives us the understanding of how to clean your roof safely and effectively — keeping your home in great conditioning throughout the project. But don't take it from can read what they are saying on our verified reviews page

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"Kanga Roof is genuinely an outstanding company. The customer service is second to none. The company is truly stellar. I have used them for several needs for my home, and they always are timely, precise, affordable, and generous with insight. This company goes above and beyond to satisfy customers. If you have any sense, you will utilize Kanga Roof Services to meet your needs."
Lawrence R, Baltimore MD via Facebook
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